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Monday, June 8, 2009

Reflections..."The Thief"

I am so rich. I am so thankful. I am incredibly blessed. I am deliberately grateful. I am sinful. I am selfish. I am self-focused. I am convicted. I am grieving over my sin. I am indebted to You for your mercy. I am falling at your feet. I am broken by the truth. I am exposed by the Spirit. I am forgiven. I am loved. I am a precious and prized possession of Jesus Christ my King. I am righteous, although I wear the soiled garments of sin, I am washed clean by Your blood shed on the Cross. Enduring impossible suffering and crucifixion. You stayed bound to the Cross for me. Your perfect heart, reaching out to those being crucified next to You. Being totally able to step down from the cross at any time. You stayed. For me, for the thief, for us all. Bruce Summerfield painted an artwork entitled "For You" It was not the nails that held Jesus to the cross, but His love... For you. If not for Your love there would be no "me". If not for Your love, I would be devoured by my enemy. Burned alive by the flames. I would be blind, deaf, hardened, loveless, dreamless...useless. If not for You on the Cross...all would be loss.

Oh let me be Mary who sits at your feet; let me be Mary who washes your feet with tears and pours perfumed oil on Your head; let me be Mary who is first at your tomb; let me be Mary who bows at the foot of the Cross, soaking up Your precious blood with her hair and garments; let me be Mary who is pleasing to You. If I am never anything else...then allow me to be a Mary.

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Anonymous said...

Your poignant honesty and transparency once again have me reflecting on my relationship with Him. I grieve my times of unbelief and once again recommit to gaining strength and shelter from the storms of life in Him.