Born Again Dreamer

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The pot cannot say to the potter, "why did you make me this way, I don't want to be this vessel", but the pot might say to the potter, "Please use me for the purposes planned through Your inspiration of my existence while you designed my person into being; so that in this way my life will powerfully reflect the fullness of Your magnificent glory, and there will not be any darkness which will ever be able to darken the glory such as that which comes through the brilliance of the creation who submits to be grown to attain of the apex of its purposes in order that the fulfillment of the will of God be magnified by the very existence of the pot". This pot may ask The Potter. And so I encourage you to ask Him to use you like He designed and anticipated you to be used. Not in the way that sin, or the world, or our own flesh has tried to conform us to be, but we should ask that only the very essence of our lives which came through the power of the Creator while He fashioned us into existence, imploring Him to reveal the entirety of His plan in order that the glorious magnificence of His splendor displayed in us and through us, that we become the very portrayal of the inspiration which God envisioned for us when He created us. This is what the pot may ask The Potter.

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