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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LORD Who Are You?

Who spares my life from my enemy's hand?

Who provides for my every need?

Who knows my needs before they become needs?

Who takes me to a place of pleasure and delight even while I stand in a barren place?

Who, LORD, takes from nothing and creates the most beautiful of things?

Who enables me to love?

Who gives me the desires of my heart?

Who pours upon me treasure after treasure out of His goodness, yet I have not earned any of it?

Who makes me great, yet I am the smallest and the least?

Who reveals Himself before me and offers me His everything?

Who blesses me despite my sin?

Who recovers a diamond from the depths of the ocean just to give me a gift?

Who loves me LORD like you?

Who stays by my side like you?

Who tells me truth unattainable to humankind?

Who parts the waters in my life?

Who destroys the mountains before me?

Who defeats my enemies surrounding me?

Who lifts my heart, bringing it into a place of joy?

Who, LORD, gives me whatever I ask?

Who forgives me of my stupidity and selfishness as though they never were?

Who take pleasure in me ALWAYS?

Who brings rain pouring down from heaven over my parched ground?

Who creates life where previously there was only death?

Who overlooks my faults and see's purity and righteousness instead?

Who has planned gifts to give me for eternity?

Who does these things LORD?

No one!

No one but You!

You are the Most High God, the One True God.

Beholding Your splendor and glory are my life's purpose!

Lord, clearly You have made me the treasure of your heart.

Display your glory before me that I may worship and adore my King evermore.


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Wow, Thanks for posting that.
It helped me. (: