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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pornographic Previews in Our Movie Theaters

This is the claim made by the MPAA reassuring upset mothers and fathers pertaining to the graphic nature of the movie trailers our children are subjected to without our approval or knowledge:

"Our review process is exhaustive and we take every step possible to ensure that all advertising content is suitable for the particular audience that views it. Our goal is to give parents the same confidence in movie advertising that they have in the movie rating system, while also allowing filmmakers to responsibly market their films to their intended audiences."

Responsibly market their product? I don't think so. I've just returned from Robin Hood,a PG-13 film, where the movie preview trailers have supposedly already gone through the "exhaustive process" of the MPAA, screening out objectionable and inappropriate material... I shutter to think what I would have been subjected to had they not gone to such great lengths to protect our families and keep filmmakers responsible.

The very first trailer showed an explicitly pornographic preview of a man and woman having active thrusting sex. What? Did you hear that? A man and woman who've just met (which the clip also makes crystal clear), are shown as they perform sex, combined with sound effects and a close up shot of the man's face as he "experiences" this event. This was a Preview!

It wasn't just a glimpse either, no it was several excruciating seconds, which felt more like several very long minutes, as I sat there with my husband and two son's! I literally began to shake and had to fight back tears of rage! I felt violated, and there's no question about it, I was! I came to watch a movie with my family and somehow ended up being subjected to a sexually disturbing and inexcusably offensive "preview".

When will this stop? How far do these "filmmakers" get to go before we will do something? I've complained, you've complained but to no avail; management says they haven't any control over what previews are shown with each movie. It's a package deal. Well somebody should have control, because it's unmistakeably apparent that the movie industry is out of control.

I really want to know why these perpetrators are not held accountable for showing 13 year old children pornography in the guise of a movie preview?! This is outrageous. Please tell me the difference between a filmmaker showing a 13 year old child explicitly sexual images and a child sex offender showing these same explicit images. Impossible because there isn't any difference at all, it's the same degrading, abusive images on these images are the size of the side of your house!

There is one major difference of course; one offender goes to prison for his sexual crimes against children while the other child offender makes millions of dollars and continues to victimize many more children children with his "films".

This is so sad...don't we know what these kinds of images and movies do to young minds? Don't we care? Why is this legal? Here's a definition of sexual child abuse; I think you'll find it very interesting:

Sexual abuse is any time that a child is engaged in a sexual situation with an older person. It can include actual physical contact, such as fondling or rape, but it also includes making a child watch sexual acts or pornography,

This is precisely what was done in the theater I sat in on Memorial Day. We purchased tickets to a PG-13 movie, (which was full of 11, 12, and 13 year old boys by the way), and without anyone's consent or knowledge we were all forced to watch a vulgar and realistic scene of distorted and sick sexuality . Sounds exactly like child sexual abuse to me.

This is so wrong and should be stopped. Has anyone gone on a movie rating site lately? I have. A great resource is; they preview movies and give a 0-10 rating (10 being the worse rating you can get)in the categories of Sexual Content, Violence and Profanity. Here are a few of the recent movie ratings showing in theaters right now (and by the way you want to know who buys the most tickets to movies? that's right teens! often seeing the same movies 2 and 3 times. So isn't it surprising that all these movies are marketed for teens? Not.
Scroll to the bottom for resources in the fight against pornography

MacGruber (R): Based on a Saturday Night Live Skit: Sex/Nudity 8; Violence/Gore 9; Profanity 8
The Runaways (R): Sex/Nudity 8; Violence/Gore 4; Profanity 10

Hot Tub Time Machinge (R): Sex/Nudity 8; Violence/Gore 5; Profanity

She's Out of My League (PG-13): Sex/Nudity 7; Violence/Gore 4; Profanity 10

Kick Ass (R): Sex/Nudity 7; Violence/Gore 9; Profanity 10

National Coalition Against Pornography
800 Compton Road, #9248
Cincinnati, Ohio 45321-3822
Telephone: (513) 521-6227

Citizen Link
Focus on The Family Fight Against Pornography

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection ASACP

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