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Monday, November 22, 2010

Suffering in Our Thinking...

Sometimes when we are suffering our thoughts can lead us down very discouraging roads. They might try to tell us God is not in our suffering, but He is! Keeping my thoughts in agreement with His can be  difficult...:)

You have not abandoned me; it only feels as if you have.
My hope is not lost; it only feels gone.
I do not hate you; I am only hurt.
You do not hate me; you have always loved me.
I am not alone; you are here.
You have not turned your back on my loved ones; you are working in their lives even now.
Truth is better than a lie, purging hatred must happen.
All the suffering in my life has a purpose.
The suffering of those I love will somehow fit into their purpose for your glory.
I am not bereft of love; your love lives in me.
I'm not imprisoned by my past; you have set me free.
If I am truthful with you, no matter how ugly, you delight in my honesty and it heals my brokenness.
Suffering is part of Your plan for our lives.
If we bury our pain it grows and intensifies and destroys.
But, if we cry out to You, even in anger, you can release us from the power of suffering.
Suffering is inevitable.
I would rather suffer with You, than alone, without You.
Joy is inevitable if I put my hope in You.
Despair is there; lurking around the edges of my mind.
I have the power, through Your Spirit, to deny it's influence.
Loving You is not always easy; but it always saves my soul.

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Anneg121 said...

I really liked this, very insightful