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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inundated with Inauthentic Coaching Vernacular

You know, I read things like this every day "achieve your dreams" "believe that you can succeed and you will!" "I coach others to reach their full potential" or "attend my tele-seminar for the 10 secrets...." now don't misunderstand me, I'm not dismissing these statements altogether (in fact I've written them or spoken similar things many times!), however, there's something amiss when the language used to communicate hope and convey your unique strengths becomes so often repeated, with the same or very similar vernacular, over and over again, that the message begins to feel as genuine as a commercial for diet soda or laundry detergent!

As coaches we are in the people helping profession; our tanks are filled when others excel, thus we must reach deeper to carry that substantive truth to our prospective audience. When we lack the enthusiasm and discipline to invest in our message, we can end up sounding like a used car salesman! I don't want that for myself, nor do I want it for you! Therefore, we must choose to put consideration and authenticity into how we articulate ourselves as we deliver our competencies with integrity and sincerity. People are turned off (well, at least I am) by the used up jargon that is redundantly reinserted into emails, ads, and social media! For goodness sakes, if you're not actually reading the Bible please don't quote it as if you are! Be real! People can smell deception from miles away; don't be that 'guy'.

I am cognizant of the real potential that exists (is happening) for cheapening the profession of Life Coaching and Christian Coaching by the use of superfluous coaching 'lingo'. Let's put thought, energy and passion into a career that flows out of our life story and desire to serve Christ! When was the last time you read a new book on leadership, spirituality, personal growth or someones biography (no it doesn't count if you've skimmed through it on your ereader or read the back cover)? We must be continually immersing ourselves with credible and honorable learning opportunities to acquire fresh and profound ways of expression that can accurately represent our distinctive and unparalleled endowments.

I say all this foremost to myself. However, I believe this is such a potentially destructive trend that it demands our attention. If our genuine motivation is to help others through the truth of Christ, or our profession, then we must apply ourselves to the task wholeheartedly. This is the missing and critical element to success (as both a representative of Christ and as a professional), and one that's been heavy on my heart. I share it not with condemnation or judgement, but as encouragement and motivation to run the race well!

Whether you're a Christian Coach or Professional Coach you must recognize that you are a leader, and leadership carries a responsibility to those in your field of influence to be ever-learning and ever-growing yourself. I'm not there, you're not there, there's so much more for us to discover and realize.

Therefore, in light of this, let's strive to be imaginative, reaching deeply and prayerfully, for newfound ways to communicate our distinctiveness to others and you'll not only succeed professionally, but you'll live well as you climb.

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Paula Mary said...

You are hungying friend is what I hear in this communicaton. If we speak to much about success we are one ray of light short of the true Glory of God. This morning I mused upon all the coaching I have receieved from prominate coaches. They would tell you you are a rock star when you know who you are in Christ. God gave me a new word from the fruits of the Spirit. Meekness. There are quotes in bible about how beauty for God is a quite and gentel spirit. We need to tone it down become soft, quiet and learn to listen for word of the bridegroom. I have gone to churches where their rock style music was so loud I couldn't of heard that person who was trying to give a word from God to me. Not that we shouldn't have music to rejoice in. I'm all for that but I don't think that it is appropriate all the time. God has brought the harp into my life and revealed this to me and told me that this is the music fit for a wedding. You know soft, gentel, beautiful is what we want when someone is walking down the ile. Something that has some reverence to it. I think this loudness has prevailed in the areana of coaches also. Ithink you get someones attention more when you are soft, whisper or are meek. This feels like an important part of God to know also. This is a countenance of God we need to seek also. He is sweet, gentel, beautiful..he called himself lowley. I have found so many evangelist who have not dealt with their egos. They fain a type of humility by claming it often in their communication but just cross them with a different idea and watch the control demons show up. How dare you question me and so forth. I have just heard a lengthy sermon about how we still are trying to do it all rather than let God manage for us. I know a very high level coach who claims she has never had to pursue clients, ever. See still doens't sign up for all this social networking craze.She says that God would just open a door and a contact or an important a referral would happen... She coaches, Paula White, Joyce Meyers and TD Jakes.
Paula Mary