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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holy Spirit in Me and You Also

In Me:

The Spirit dwells in me, He convicts me of sin, He gives me new life, He makes me realize Gods love, He gives me power to witness, He teaches me what to say, He reveals God's secrets to me, He brings Christ's presence to me, He keeps me in touch with God, He teaches me about Christ, He enables me to find the truth, He encourages me, He controls me, He gives me joy and peace, He draws me into fellowship, He enables me to live the Christian life, He works his fruit in me, He sanctifies me, He gives me gifts, He gives me the sword to fight Satan, He prays for me in times of crisis, He will raise me from the dead.



Please forgive me that I put you off to the side as if you are only needed at "certain times" when in reality You are the essence of Jesus spirit and it is You who are the center of this life. You who will raise me from the dead, You who gives me power, peace, love and joy, You who sends me or leads me or enables me or gives me any gift or ability!

Now, I pray that You will bless me with a continued awareness of You as my Leader, and of You as life, that I may be pleasing and fully committed to living out this life in such a way that you might use me for Your great purposes.



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