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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Faith 3



After the news of the Titanic tragedy reached the

world, the challenge was how to inform the relatives

whether their loved ones were among the dead or the

living. At the office of the White Star Line in

Liverpool, England, a huge board was set up. On one

side was a cardboard sign which read: "Known to be

Saved," and on the other, was a cardboard sign with

the words: "Known To Be Lost". Hundreds of

people gathered to intently watch the updates. When

a messenger brought new information, those waiting

held their breath, wondering on which side the

messenger would write and what name would be

added to the growing list.

Although the travelers on the Titanic were first

class, second class, or third class passengers, after the

ship went down, there were only two categories: the

saved and the lost.


"Acts of God"

This manuscript is from a sermon preached on 1/28/2007 by Stephen Davey.



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