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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling Afraid is the "Norm" In a Living Walk with Christ

“If you open your doors Lisa, I will send the people” 

Kind of sounds like a corny line from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams. But it wasn’t from a movie. It was a message resonating, continually in my spirit. “If you will trust Me, and open your doors, I will send you the people”. These doors He was referring to was my Life Coaching business.

Take one obedient step at a time as He calls..
Most entrepreneurs can’t wait to get their ventures afloat, however, at the time; I was insecure and fearful of failing. I argued with God (which I don't recommend) for quite a while…I reasoned (begged) that I wasn't finished with everything I wanted to accomplish; I wasn't ready. I needed more education, more wisdom, more money, more connections, more courage, more, more, more! 

Still wrestling with God, I left for a yearly conference in Nashville. One of the first speakers that week was author and coach, Dwight Bain. Dwight started his session that day with Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD you God is with you wherever you go.”

This happened to be one of the first scriptures that the Lord had given me years ago concerning my life purpose. If this wasn't enough to completely deflate my argument, Dwight’s next statement cinched it.  “If you will open your doors, Dwight encouraged, He will send you the people” Wow! Could He be any clearer?

In His infinite grace, the Lord went one step further to reassure me that He would do what He promised. Returning from the conference, although still apprehensive, I had determined in my heart to do what the Lord had asked. The following morning, I received a call from a woman that I played tennis with occasionally. She had seen something on T.V. about Life Coaching and asked if I knew of anyone who did this Life Coaching. I was stunned!
He sent me my very first client and from that day on, I have always had clients. Not once in all this time have I been without clients. I didn’t advertise, in fact, in the beginning, I didn’t even have an office, but through referrals and a free website I put together myself (and I knew zero about this kind of thing); I had a steady stream of clients. For those of you unfamiliar with this industry, without your own coach or business connections, this is unheard of! But He who calls is faithful.

I don’t know what He’s entreating you to do. I’m not sure what fearful step He’s put in front of you to take. But I do know this; He who asks is trustworthy.

It’s not too late. You’re not too old. It’s not too hard. There is a way, you just can’t see it. However, that’s part of the point, isn’t it? Don’t miss this valuable opportunity for a concrete encounter with His love and grace. Your transformation by God Almighty, as you trust in the voice of His Spirit, is far too priceless of a gift to let slip away.

Surrender your fears and insecurities to Him and take one obedient step toward His call. What will that step be today? Commit to Him. Ask Him for the strength and He'll show you how. 

Isaiah 34:3-4 Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart, “Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God…will come and save you."


Mariangie Gonzalez said...

Wow Lisa, I have talked about my experience before, but I have to tell you again, because your experience and mine are SO similar! I have prayed for my own (brick and mortar) business for years, and in May 17th (this year) the company I worked for, shut its doors and we were laid off.

I did what was "expected" to do, send resumes make phone calls and with every one of them I heard in my mind: "stop doing that, you have prayed for your own business, not another job".

I started to receive calls not from my job hunt, but from previous customers who wanted to keep doing business with me. I was super scared, this is a one woman show and one of the biggest local supermarket chains was asking me to service them... and I heard in my mind: "Trust me, I am in control of this"

I did, this was only 2 months ago and the Lord is sending me the customers, and doing supernatural things for my new business.

It's amazing the things that happen when you are obedient... :)

Lisa Gomez-Osborn said...

What a remarkable thing it is to live life being led by His Spirit! I love that you're sharing this with me! Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing more about how the Lord is continuing to amaze and awe you with His presence in every detail of your life! Again, thank you for sharing your journey with me...